Wedgwood people

This chapter enables you to find out more about the lives of company bosses, factory workers, artists & designers, and business associates of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons. Look out especially for the in-depth articles on the ordinary factory workers - the Wedgwood Museum has a remarkable collection, including a photographic record of most employees in the late 19th Century.

In their book 'The Factory in a Garden' (1988) - which is based largely on oral history interviews with former employees - Sharon Gater and David Vincent describe a paternalistic factory system in which employers and employees largely enjoyed mutual dependence working together in a cosy jumble of cramped workplaces at Etruria, where vacancies were almost always filled by relatives of existing employees, and where kindly employers enhanced available healthcare for their workforce.


Group of Wedgwood employees at Etruria, © Wedgwood Museum

Group of Wedgwood employees at Etruria
© Wedgwood Museum