The name Josiah Wedgwood has been synonymous with innovation and quality for almost 250 years, from when Josiah Wedgwood I began work as an independent potter in the Ivy House Works in 1709. This Discovery Pack enables you to find out more about the five factory sites that the company has occupied since Josiah's great-grandfather started his family business at the Churchyard Works in 1656, and to explore the lives of the people who have shaped the history of the company - the company bosses, artists and designers, and business associates, but above all the ordinary factory workers whose skills and craftsmanship have ensured that the name of Josiah Wedgwood remains at the forefront of British ceramic production in the 21st Century.

There are two main chapters (Wedgwood factories and Wedgwood people) and numerous sub-topics which focus on the rich collections of the Wedgwood Museum that illustrate the realities of Working at Wedgwood.

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