Wedgwood employees enjoy their Christmas dinner in Barlaston's new canteen, 1940s, © Wedgwood Museum

Wedgwood employees enjoy their Christmas dinner in Barlaston's new canteen, 1940s
© Wedgwood Museum


Membership of the Wedgwood Museum is a special scheme established to support our work.

Members gain a privileged and pleasurable insight into Wedgwood's heritage - while making a positive contribution to the future of the fantastic collections that we care for.

This new organisation incorporates the long-standing Friends of the Wedgwood Museum. Since their formation the Friends have been helping the the work of the museum. We hope that in the future our new Members will play an even greater role in the development of the museum and its collections.

Members enjoy certain privileges through their association with the museum and its internationally renowned collections and resources. The Wedgwood Museum Trust's collections are officially recognised as being of national importance and are continually being enriched by new acquisitions and research.

Our Members range in age and background and are bonded by a common love of Wedgwood. Members enjoy a variety of social activities and are always guaranteed an extremely warm welcome at the museum.

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