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Wedgwood and jewellery

  • by Rebecca Klarner

London Fashion Week choker


This choker was made by the jewellery artist Suzanne Lyons in cooperation with Waterford Wedgwood for the London Fashion Week in 2001/2002.

Metal mesh is lacquered in a light blue hue reminiscent of the famous Wedgwood jasper colour and applied with thin white coloured chains, just like the white decorations of jasper which are applied to the blue object body. In addition to the chains, flower decorated jasper beads are hanging from the mesh with a bigger drop shaped bead decorated with the base relief of a flower girl in the centre. Facetted crystal beads in blue, opalescent white and drum shaped transparent ones complete this choker to a stunning but still wearable piece of jewellery.

In 2001 Waterford Wedgwood sponsored the London Fashion Week’s pink ribbon campaign to raise awareness to breast cancer and to draw attention to prostate cancer. Eventually this project developed to a much larger scale: in autumn 2001 and spring 2002 artists were asked to contribute in producing “one-off” fashion or home ware accessories. They were free to choose the medium; the only requirement was to gather inspiration in some way from the works of Wedgwood. Fascinated by the look and the appearance of one of Wedgwood’s most widely renowned product jasper, Suzanne Lyons chose to show it from a different angle. Jasper jewellery has been a statement of fashion since the early pieces in the eighteenth century and the reappearance of Wedgwood jasper at the London Fashion Week proving that it has not lost its appeal over the course of time.


This choker was designed and made by the English jewellery designer Suzanne Lyons for London Fashion Week in 2001/2002. It is decorated with Wedgwood jasper beads and faceted crystal beads.