Transfer-printed backstamp for Mason's Improved Ironstone China, © Wedgwood Museum

Transfer-printed backstamp for Mason's Improved Ironstone China
© Wedgwood Museum

Other collections

The Wedgwood Museum Trust holds within its collection some non-Wedgwood, but related, objects.  These have been acquired through the absorption of the various factories into the Wedgwood Group and with each takeover historical collections have been added to the Trust's collections.  The pieces in this group reflect the main theme of Wedgwood as they were manufactured during contemporary periods but illustrate other aspects of taste and design as in many instances they were produced for different markets.  They provide an important contrast to the Wedgwood objects.


The 956 pieces of Mason's porcelain and ironstone are of national importance.  They provide a fairly comprehensive selection of the ware produced by that company since 1796.  Although not definitive there are some considerable rarities and unique pieces amongst this factory collection, most especially the largest known group of ‘lustrosa' wares, which were first exhibited in 1909.  They owe their inspiration and design to the ‘Art Pottery Movement' so popular prior to World War I.

Susie Cooper

There are nearly 300 items made by Susie Cooper under the auspices of Wedgwood since 1966 in the historical collection, including some trails never commercially released.  The collection again is very important as she is regarded as one of the most influential women designers of the 20th century and although other museums have representations of her work, none have the breadth of our collection.

Franciscan (Glendale, California)

The collection is the only known accumulation of Franciscan pottery in Great Britain and as such is of considerable importance.  There are nearly 200 objects, including many parts of sets, in the collection which were given to the Museum on the closure of the American manufacturing plant in 1984.  The Franciscan Company was taken over by Wedgwood in 1979.


The majority of the Trust's holdings of Coalport are figurines or animal models, which have been produced since Wedgwood acquired the long-established firm in July 1967.

In addition the Trust cares for a number of other collections which are not part of our holdings. These include the National Trust's Balston Collection of Staffordshire Flatbacks and Staffordshire University's Studio Pottery Collection.

National Trust's Balston Collection of Staffordshire Flatbacks

Thomas Balston collected Victorian Staffordshire flatback figurines for over forty years, which were gifted to the National Trust in the 1960s. The collection, now cared for by the Wedgwood Museum, is one of the best of its kind and represents many of the lauded personalities of the era. Comprising over 400 pieces the Balston collection offers an insight into the heroes and notorious figures of the age.

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