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Hedgehog bulb pot and stand - 1975

The hedgehog bulb pot, ©  Wedgwood Museum
    The hedgehog bulb pot
    © Wedgwood Museum

In the late eighteenth century novelty ‘root’ or bulb pots for native flowers or more exotic blooms, were much sought after. The hedgehog or ‘porkoipin’ bulb pot in Black Basalt, the first ornamental ware body developed by Josiah I in 1768, showed the white snowdrop flowers to great advantage.

In addition to the black basalt hedgehog, or ‘porkoipin’, bulb pot, Josiah Wedgwood I developed a ‘great variety’ of root pots to satisfy public demand. Class XIV of his ornamental ware catalogues described his intention of supplying his customers with root pots, and flowerpots also known as ‘bouquetiers’, in a ‘…great variety, both in respect to pattern and colour; and the prices vary accordingly.’ This ‘great variety’ ensured that the outdoors could be brought indoors in true Wedgwood style, satisfying the burgeoning clamour for flower containers that could also stand alone as an ornament when not in use.

  • Type of object: Useful ware/bulb pot
  • Mark: WEDGWOOD C[Impressed on hedgehog]WEDGWOODMADE IN ENGLANDSS 8 [Impressed on base]
  • Year produced: 1975
  • Body: Black Basalt
  • Material: ceramic
  • Decoration: moulded
  • Accession number: 9852
  • Dimensions: 170 mm (height), 280 mm (width), 170 mm (depth)

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