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Copper Plate Aisley S. Esq - Late 18th century

S Aisley Esq., © Wedgwood Museum
    S Aisley Esq.
    © Wedgwood Museum

This copper plate was produced in the 18th century as an armorial ware commission for Aisley S Esq.

Stephen Aisley Esq of Kensington, London was a benefactor of a charity school for the apprenticing of boys. He was a subscriber to the first edition of the Voyage of Governor Phillips to Botany Bay in 1789. He died early in the 19th century

  • Type of object: Manufacturing paraphernalia and miscellany/engraving
  • Mark: Both plate are engraved on the reverse with S. Aisley Esq.
  • Year produced: Late 18th century
  • Accession number: CP11 / CP11a

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