The History of Etruria, The Rise and Decline of the Factory Dominated Community Established by Josiah Wedgwood, Kevin Salt, © Wedgwood Museum

The History of Etruria, The Rise and Decline of the Factory Dominated Community Established by Josiah Wedgwood, Kevin Salt
© Wedgwood Museum


There are many books and journals that can tell you more about the history and craftsmanship of Josiah Wedgwood and the company he founded. Here is a brief selection.

‘Wedgwood Ceramics 1846-1959’, Maureen Batkin
Richard Dennis, 1982

‘Memoir of an Artist’, Helen Binyon
Lutterworth Press

‘Josiah Wedgwood and His Pottery’, William Burton
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‘18th Century Wedgwood. A Guide for Collectors and Connoisseurs’, David Buten
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‘Masterpieces of Wedgwood in the British Museum’, Aileen Dawson
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‘Black Basalt. Wedgwood and Contemporary Manufacturers’, Diana Edwards
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‘English Dry-Bodied Stoneware, Wedgwood and Contemporary Manufacturers 1774-1830’, Diana Edwards and Rodney Hampson
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‘The Business of Management’, Roger Falk
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‘Wedgwood Letters’, edited by KE Farrer
Three volumes printed 1903/1906. Re-printed 1974 by Wedgwood and Eric Morten

‘The Selected Letters of Josiah Wedgwood’, Ann Finer and George Savage
Cory Adams and Mackay, 1965

‘Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre’, Una des Fontaines
Born-Hawes of New York: Sotheby Parke Bernet of London

‘The Factory in a Garden. Wedgwood from Etruria to Barlaston – the transitional years’, Sharon Gater and David Vincent
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‘Wedgwood Jasper Ware. A Shape Book and Collectors Guide’, Michael Herman
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‘John Flaxman, 1755-1826’, David Irwin
Studio Vista/Christies

‘The Wedgwoods, being life of Josiah Wedgwood I’, Llewellyn Jewitt
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‘The Story of Wedgwood’, Alison Kelly
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‘The Collector’s Book of Wedgwood’, Marian Klamkin
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‘Tom Wedgwood the First Photographer’, R B Litchfield
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‘Classical Wedgwood Designs’, Carol Macht
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‘The Portland Vase’, Wolf Mankowitz
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‘Wedgwood’, Wolf Mankowitz
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‘A Group of English Gentlemen’, Eliza Meteyard
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‘The Life and Work of Josiah Wedgwood’, Eliza Meteyard
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‘Mr Stubbs the Horse Painter’, Constance Ann Parker
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‘The Green Frog Service’ edited, Michael Raeburn
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