Etching of Etruria by Leonard G Brammer, 1930s, © Wedgwood Museum

Etching of Etruria by Leonard G Brammer, 1930s
© Wedgwood Museum

The Wedgwood Museum and environment

We've a history of caring about the environment. One of the reasons Wedgwood moved from its historic home at Etruria to Barlaston was the fact that the air pollution had become so bad. With so much in our collection reflecting potters' reactions to nature we couldn't fail to think this way.

Throughout the planning and construction of the new museum we've thought about the impact the project would have. Wherever possible we selected materials from sustainable sources. We also installed an air-exchange system rather than the more-traditional air conditioning as it uses considerably less power. Louvred windows in the fa├žade of the building automatically open to keep us cool in the summer. Needless to say we are also keen recyclers. These initiatives and others meant that our project was supported by the Staffordshire Environmental Trust.

Just after Wedgwood moved to Barlaston one of the factory workers wrote 'Our factory's in a garden...'. Let's all work together to keep it that way.